I have 14 years experience working on gender equality and inclusive development in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

I hold a PhD in gender and anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Psychology. My doctoral thesis involved two years of residential fieldwork and focused on health and sexuality among young women in a West Papuan city.

I have delivered quality products, on time for clients including:

  • Multilateral Agencies (Asia Development Bank, UNDP, UNFPA)
  • International NGOs (World Vision; Oxfam)
  • Research Organisations (Monash, Melbourne, and Queensland Universities)
  • Victorian State Government (Vic. Dept. of Justice; WorkSafe)
  • Community-Based Organisations (Emergency Services Foundation; Yayasan Kesehatan Bethesda; other West Papuan NGOs).

In addition to consulting in the fields of health, social and infrastructure development, I currently work as a medical anthropology lecturer in a Melbourne University subject, research associate at the University of Queensland, and project manager for a Better Mental Health consortium for the Emergency Services Foundation.

Gender and disability inclusive infrastructure reconstruction

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), ‘Programme for Earthquake and Tsunami reconstruction Assistance’ (PETRA)

In 2020 I produced a technical report with a checklist, specifications and recommendations to build gender and socially inclusive (GESI) critical public infrastructure in the post-disaster regions of Lombok and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Gender-based violence

Policy and Research Officer, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

In 2017 I produced a consolidated research report from the data of mixed-methods study of female genital mutilation in ten Indonesian regions. Findings and recommendations of my report was the basis of policy advocacy work with a range of stakeholders, including national ministries and community-based organisations (CBOs).

Community-based waste Management

Asia Institute, Monash University

In 2017 I produced a report that documented and evaluated a grassroots waste management/eco-village initiative in a village in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

HIV /AIDS Prevention

Yayasan Peduli Perempuan, ‘Stop HIV’, Manokwari, Papua

In 2004 I worked with NGO staff to design a gender and culture sensitive methodology for HIV survey work. I trained staff and cadres in interview techniques from a GESI perspective for HIV survey work.

Global Health

Lecturer, The Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne

For ten years (since 2010) I have brought an anthropological lens to the subject ‘Global Health, Security and Sustainability’. My lecture explores gender and culture in the context of the root causes of disease, poverty, injustice and inequity that exist in Indonesia and the world today.

Gender and Disability Inclusive Sanitation Infrastructure

Ananda Consult, ‘Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure’ (KIAT)

In 2018 I developed Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) strategies for the concept notes of eight sanitation infrastructure projects in various cities in Java. This was part of planning work for infrastructure reform in Indonesia funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Maternal and Child Health

World Vision Australia, ‘Women and their Children’s Health Project’ (WATCH)

In 2000 I documented and reviewed changes and issues in an AusAID health project in Jayawijaya regency, Papua province in Indonesia. At the time, this project was the longest bilateral project in Indonesia.

Better Mental Health for Disaster Response Workers

Project Manager, Emergency Services Foundation, ‘WorkWell Learning Networks’

In 2020 I managed a Victorian government funded project to improve mental health for emergency service staff and volunteers. The project brings 12 organisations together to share insights and collaboratively design an innovative leadership development pilot to improve mental health and well-being for frontline workers.

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